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Management and Security

By digitizing amounts in real currency via TakeXa, you are adding robust security layers that significantly guarantee the receiver's financial transparency, even before sending the return.

Register company

Just add credit in TakeXa and you’re all set.

Streamline your operations

1 refund of any amount implies an additional €5 in internal operating expenses; the same return using TakeXa only costs you €0.16.

Assistance with returns

With the traditional model the time required to handle a return is 15 days. With TakeXa it’s reduced to just 30 seconds.

Failure = Trust

Reimbursement in seconds through TakeXa leaves users with an immense feeling of trust in your company.

No more envelopes

On-the-go technicians and personnel resolving returns in real-time from their mobile devices.


An analytical experience for decision making that reduces the operating expenses of your returns by 90%.


We’d love for you to try out the service for 90 days. Later, if you want, you can upload only the public number that identifies each machine.


Purchase TakeXa credit, and from there you can begin handling your incidents in seconds.

If you’re still using the bank to handle your returns, you're losing money in operations. Add credit to your TakeXa account and forget about it!